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George Potter

I have always loved music and movies and I’m fascinated by the emotion and connection that can be stirred by quality music reproduction and stunning visuals. At a young age I began collecting stereo equipment and I love learning more everyday about the products that help bring this experience to the home and that improve and enrich our lives. I have worked in this industry for over 15 years with local companies. My experience has made me very multi-faceted and I have completed over 1,000 projects from Design to Completion. I am one of those lucky people who get to do what they love and are passionate about for a living.

When I am not working I am usually spending time with my Wife and 3 young kids.

Clean Installs

Dan Thurston

My love for music introduced me to electronics and the idea that you can improve your experience by changing the equipment and the way it was installed. My Dad was a General Contractor and growing up I really learned to be comfortable working with my hands and get enjoyment seeing the results of our work. These two things combine in the Custom AV Work we do for our clients and I love presenting them with amazing results that I am proud of. I have experience doing commercial work with the union in addition to high-end residential system design.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, working on my car, and going golfing or hitting the bowling lanes.

Clean Installs

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